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Installing, logging in, and watching

Here are the steps to install Yippee on your Tizen TV. Be sure to subscribe before installing the channel:

  • Turn on your Tizen TV (see list of compatible devices) and open the Search.
  • Search for Yippee.
  • Install it on your Tizen TV.
  • Once installed, open the app and click the Sign In button.
  • The app will provide you with an activation code.
  • On a computer or mobile device, visit the activate page, sign in (if you are not), and enter that code.
  • The app will then refresh, and you will be able to watch Yippee.

List of Compatible Tizen TV Devices

The Tizen TV App is compatible with a number of Samsung Tizen devices. Please reference the chart below to ensure your device is compatible with the app. 


Model Year Device Group Device IDs
2019 19TV_PREMIUM QRQ900B, QRQ90, QRQ85_OC, QRQ80_OC, QRQ80, QRQ75S, QRQ75, QRQ70, QRQ6X, QRQ69, QRQ65A, QRQ60, LS03R, LS05R, LS01R, URU800D, URU8000, MLS07R
2019 19TV_STANDARD QRQ50S, QRQ50, URU7800, URU7700, URU74A0, URU7470, URU7450, URU7410, URU740D, URU7400, URU730D, URU7300, URU710D, URU7100,URU7790,URU77FA
2018 18TV_PREMIUM QRQ900,QNQ9S, QNQ9F, QNQ8FB, QNQ8F, QNQ8C, QNQ7FH, QNQ7F, QNQ7C, QNQ75F, QNQ75C, QNQ6FK, QNQ6F, QNQ65FB, QNQ65F,UNU850D, UNU8500, UNU80A0, UNU800D, UNU8000,UNU76A0, UNU7500, UNU74A0, UNU7450, UNU7400,ULS03NU
2018 18TV_STANDARD1 UNU730D, UNU7300, UNU710D, UNU7103, UNU7100

Adding titles to "My List" 

The "My List" function is located under "Library," which is at the top of the app. As a subscriber, you can add titles to the list by clicking and holding on the title until a new window pops up. That window should allow you to add the title to "My List."