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From your Computer:

  1. On the video page, open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the window (or the View menu) and select Cast

  2. Select your Chromecast source (consider selecting Chrome Tab) and your Chromecast destination. Chromecast will then be connected and video will be playing on your TV. 
  3. To disconnect from Chromecast, click the blue Stop icon next to your casting destination.

If there are any issues with the Chromecast stream, try setting the video to a lower quality.

Note: At this time, we do not support Chromecast devices that some TVs have built-in. While it may work, our player is not developed to support this and we cannot troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

At this time, it is not possible to Chromecast via a mobile web browser.

Last updated on September 23, 2020
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